SEGA Snap Up Atlus’ Parent Company In Mega Deal

And relax.

For those who didn’t see my previous piece, Shin Megami Tensei creators Atlus were facing very risky times. Index Corporation, their parent company, went under and had to be sold off. This meant a buyer had to be found for not only Atlus, but all their properties. And with Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei and the sequel to Persona 4 Arena lined up, this was going to be a difficult time if a buyer was not found.

And so, SEGA come into the frame to help. They have now bought Index Corporation in a deal worth ¥14 billion – about $141 million – and are renaming it SEGA Dream Corporation. Deals will be finalised in November, with no news as to how this’ll affect games that are currently in development.

Obviously it’s too early to say if Atlus will continue without anything different happening. But for now, it’s business as usual and a huge sigh of relief for Atlus fans everywhere.

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