Raise The Curtain, SEGA Release Samurai BloodShow

In this day and age we all like to go and enjoy ourselves by watching a good show, whether it’s on stage or on TV, a nice bit of comedy, or romance, horror, or maybe even armies of samurai’s just killing each other.

Well the last bit I was just talking about is actually getting made, good old SEGA have just released “Samurai BloodShow” which is only exclusive for the Apple Products (iPodtouch, iPhone & iPad), where you must fight many enemies in order to protect your general and also for your honor.

Here is the official SEGA Press Release about “Samurai BloodShow”:

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO—1st September, 2011—SEGA® of Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, today launch Samurai BloodShow™, an action tower defense game for iPhone®, iPad,® and iPod® touch. Eager generals must build an army of katana-wielding warriors, horsemen and sorcerers and mobilize them strategically to defend their honor in twelfth-century feudal Japan.

Shed the blood of enemy armies across 100 different levels. Deploy your warriors strategically defend your army general. Winning a battle means winning more powerful warriors with which to build your deck.

In a hurry to get ahead?
Purchase both rare and common cards with In-App Payments to build a formidable team as quickly as possible. Then test your army’s might in a face off against close rivals via a local Bluetooth® connection or challenge a mysterious opponent online via Wi-Fi.

Army commanders with iOS devices running on iOS 4 or higher can march their soldiers over to the iTunes App Store today to pick up Samurai BloodShow for a limited-time low price of $1.99/$1.99 AUS/€1.59/£1.49.

And to also get you thinking “ooooooh this sounds pretty good”, here is the official trailer for Samurai BloodShow:

So what are you waiting for if you’ve got yourself any of the Apple Products, then why not hop onto the App Store and buy yourself “Samurai BloodShow” which is on a limited-time low price, so hurry, hurry, hurry and buy it when you’ve got the chance.


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