SEGA Packs Some Klout In Social Media & Charts In Gaming Top 10

If you follow any of the more notable community members or websites on Twitter (by the way make sure you follow Sonic Wrecks on there) you’re likely to have heard them make mention of independent website Klout which takes social information to see how “influential” a person is based on social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Last.FM – etc.

Whilst its techniques are in no way 100% accurate (or 100% scientific – AAUK) the site is growing in popularity and influence in a hurry.

Recently they released an entry in their blog about which video game companies their users find most influential based on their Klout score and with its social media activities (including substantial YouTube accounts) SEGA has itself a healthy 7th placement in the top 10 list with a Klout score of 65; beating Nintendo of America and Ubisoft. Now, these lists are compiled through how influential and popular a company is with its users, so for SEGA to get 7th means it’s a good result to round off a good few years for the company in this field.

The full chart listing from Klout is as follows:

  1. Playstation; 74
  2. Electronic Arts; 72
  3. Xbox; 71
  4. Zynga; 70
  5. Rockstar Games; 66
  6. Capcom USA / CapcomUnity; 65
  7. SEGA; 65
  8. Nintendo of America; 64
  9. Ubisoft; 64
  10. Epic Games; 60

The blog article can be found here.

T.A Black

Author: T.A Black

Currently LMC's resident reviewer, I also take a huge interest in anything from Nintendo to Square-Enix, and beyond. My interests are certainly random, as are the games I review and enjoy.

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  1. Avatar

    Great seeing Xbox is in the top 3.
    They’ve got a great community on the web. Besides the fact that its a great console game station.

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    • ArchangelUK

      They do great work, very true.

      I think some people had issue with some of the banding post-blog; for instance if it’d included Notch the result would’ve been very different. Being specific company accounts however did allow things to flow only in a certain way. Klout is also limited by the number of accounts it can associate with one individual or brand, scores would’ve been a lot higher, especially for SEGA had this been invoked.

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