SEGA Not Kidd-ing Around, Alex Joins Transformed For Christmas

Wakey wakey, rise and shine! Segata Sanshiro has been in the night and unlocked for all of you a festive surprise by way of Alex Kidd in Sonic & All-Stars Transformed.

The festive freebie has been known about for some time of course, with SEGA exclusively revealing (a month after everyone actually knew *ahem*) the update that adds Sonic’s predecessor as SEGA mascot in for his second bout of All-Stars action.

What do you have to do to actually get him in your game?

Simple – just turn it on. At the menu screen you should get a message saying

“Happy Holidays from SEGA! Alex Kidd has joined the race!”

If it doesn’t appear for you immediately just complete a race – any race – as some achievements, etc seem to require the game to do a little check after a race ha completed to notice the in-game flags.

But yes, Merry Christmas to you and happy racing!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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