SEGA Japan Puts It’s Monkey Ball Idol To The Test… Again

Not that long ago we showed you how SEGA Japan was using Japanese idol Yukie Kawamura in their advertising and also you could, in Japan at any rate get a bonus Monkey Ball Vita map based on…er… her breasts.

Now SEGA Japan have thought of new ways to have get bending over and letting them film her, as AiAi presents her with a large exercise ball and she’s challenged to complete Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz levels whilst literally bent over backwards. Will she succeed, or will she suffer “fall out”?

Yeah, SEGA I’m gonna have a word with you about these – considering how many people (see: men) who are actually on set to record these as we saw in the last video; I’m getting the feeling you actually don’t care about Monkey Ball Vita at all. This is just some giant perv with the flimsiest of covers. Look if your office boys fancy this girl just ask her out already and stop making her do weird things for AiAi.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    I can’t even imagine what the next “challenge” is gonna be. Well, if they do another one, but judging on how many men on the set enjoyed the first two, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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