SEGA Go Vintage With Their New Game Bundles

Ever wondered if you missed out on some classic SEGA games all those years ago, or did you miss out on getting the SEGA Ultimate Mega Drive/Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360? Well never fear, for SEGA have a new collection of downloadable packages for you to grab. SEGA have now unleashed 4 game bundles available through the Xbox Marketplace, each one containing 3 games centred around a theme. They are:

  • Golden Axe Trilogy – play the entire Golden Axe Trilogy in full, complete with local and online co-op to help you get through the many levels in this brawler series
  • Streets of Rage Trilogy – play the entire Streets of Rage Trilogy in full, also having local and online co-op modes to help you survive and challenge the villainous Mr X
  • Alex Kidd and Co – contains Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Super Hang-On and Revenge of Shinobi. Each game is playable in full, as well as having fancy extra features (such as a 3D mode for Super Hang-On)
  • Monster World – contains Wonder Kid in Monster Land, Wonder Kid in Monster World and the Japan-exclusive Monster World IV, available internationally for the first time. The games have local multiplayer capabilities, as well as other extras

Each game bundle has leaderboards so you can challenge your friends for the best scores, as well as the ability to download and record gaming sessions if you require. And, of course, the mandatory achievements. Each bundle costs 800 Microsoft Points (approx. £10) and is available to download now. Demos are also available if you want to try before you buy too.

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