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Way back in the mystical era known only as 2003, Sonic Team decided to try something a little different. By taking inspiration from games such as Marble Madness (ask your parents if you don’t know) and…um, eggs…they developed this unique title for the Nintendo Gamecube. Although not a perfect critical success (it got a respectible 71% from Metacritic), it was popular enough to warrant a port to the PC too.

The gameplay for this title is a little different, as you control the egg-hatching and egg-walking Billy Hatcher, using eggs to roll, squish and destroy many foes. Lots of eggs-tra abilities and companions can be found too by hatching said eggs once they’re big enough. There’s enough variety and fun to keep you entertained for a long time, from A-ranking each of the missions to collecting special coins to unlock secrets. And for the SEGA fan in you, keep your eye out for special SEGA eggs for some unique cameos – including one 20 year old hedgehog…

The Gamecube version is available from places such as Amazon and, ranging in prices. However, if you want the PC version, you can nab it off Amazon for a low price of under £1. Some prices will come under second hand sales, which might mean it might not be in perfect quality. But if you’re careful in your analysis, it shouldn’t matter too much. Regardless, whichever version you want, there’s plenty to eggs-perience in this title. So if you want to see the game that started off Billy Hatcher’s career, then you can look no further than these sites:


Amazon – PC (less than £1)

Amazon – GC (various, from £3.49)

Play – PC (£2.90)

Play – GC (£4.99)

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go hide from all these egg puns I’ve made. (You’re fry-ered. – AAUK)

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