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It’s been a while since we had a SEGA Games on the Cheap post but it’s now back and tonight’s game has it all, Conspiracy, Espionage, Chaos and Destruction…..oh and lot’s of guns and explosions as well, yes tonight’s SEGA Game on the Cheap is the one and only Alpha Protocol.

Alpha Protocol is a action packed game and is also a RPG as well, in the game you play as Michael Thorton an agent dispatched by the US Government after a US missile hit’s a commercial airliner killing all that was on board. With combat gameplay, a wide range of weapons to master and state of the art technology to use this is a game that has it all and with the RPG perspective as well you can either do things by the book or just be a total bad ass.

Here is the Press Release made by SEGA about Alpha Protocol in March 2009:

LONDON (16thMarch, 2009) – SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that Alpha Protocol™ – the groundbreaking game combining espionage, action and excitement with RPG choice and depth – will be available on retailer shelves globally October 2009.

The new gameplay trailer, showing in-game footage for the first time shows how players will travel to exotic locations around the globe, infiltrating terrorist camps and spy on unsavoury characters in the manner of their choosing. Alpha Protocol’s RPG and dialog system will allow players the choice to be smooth like James Bond, cold and precise like Jason Bourne, or just plain explosively kick-ass like Jack Bauer.

The year is 2009. Worldwide political tensions are at a breaking point when a commercial airliner is shot down by a U.S. missile over Eastern Europe, killing all aboard. Despite evidence to the contrary, the U.S. government claims no involvement and dispatches agent Michael Thorton to bring those responsible to justice. With more options than any other RPG, Alpha Protocol offers unprecedented control over the development of Thorton’s abilities and interactions with others. Physical combat, weapons mastery, cutting-edge technology and even seduction are just some of the skills to master. Hunted and alone, players will discover just how deep the conspiracy goes in Alpha Protocol.

For more information about Alpha Protocol, please visit

And just in case you haven’t seen it, here is the trailer for Alpha Protocol:


Now onwards to the prices (UK prices are from Amazon &, French & German prices are all from Amazon & US prices are from GameStop), in the UK Alpha Protocol is selling for £7.95 (Amazon) & £9.99 (Play) for the 360, £7.92 (Amazon) & £4.77 (Play) for the PS3 and £6.50 (Amazon) & £5.47 (Play) for the PC.

Over in France Alpha Protocol is selling for on Amazon 11,63EUR for the 360 (only 3 left in stock), 14,56EUR for the PS3 (only 1 left in stock) and 3,99EUR for the PC, and in Germany it’s selling for as well on Amazon 11,80EUR for the 360 (12 left in stock), 13,59EUR for the PS3 & 4,99EUR for the PC, both PS3 and PC versions are well in stock so you can be sure to get your hands on Alpha Protocol in Germany.

And finally moving all the way to the over side of the pond to the US, Alpha Protocol is going for about $19.99 brand new for all three platforms or, pre-owned for $12.99 both for the 360 & PS3 or you can always buy it via Digital Download via GameStop for the PC for only $19.99. Unfortunately Alpha Protocol for the PC is not in stock in GameStop’s online store but if you want to get the game but can’t find a local GameStop Store near you, then just follow the link at the bottom of the post which will take you directly to GameStop’s official website and straight to the Store Location Page.

So if your interested in playing a action packed game with guns, explosions, espionage and conspiracy and you like a bit of RPG gameplay to go with it as well, then don’t delay and get yourself the one and one Alpha Protocol.

GameStop’s Store Location Page: Link

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