SEGA At Christmas 2010 Part 1: The 2010 Advent Calendar

Ah the SEGA chocolate advent calendar – since its reintroduction in 2008, the SEGA chocolate advent calendar has warmed the hearts (and filled the stomachs) of SEGA fans all over the country.  The 2008 effort featured a 2D drawn festive Sonic and was available for sale at certain retailers. 2009’s effort was sadly an internal only one, created by the Marketing people for their industry contacts and featured Sonic with his snowboard. The 2010 one which contains Fairtrade chocolate (classy move SEGA) is also internal only and yet again one has not come my way. Sigh. However using my awesome ninja skills I managed to nab a photo of one at the very least.

What’s rather worrying is December 2nd appears to be Eggman’s crotch, and frankly I don’t want to know what’s behind that door.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    I didn’t even know that exists…. It’s way past cool, except that a can’t get it…. *sigh*

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