SEGA Asks Fans Which Sonic Is Best, Flaming Obvious Happens

Following the trailer, which we now know is indeed for a game that until otherwise we and everyone else are calling “Sonic Generations” SEGA followed up their Facebook focus by using the new questions feature to ask it’s near 1 million plus who they prefer: Classic or Modern Sonic? Unsurprisingly Classic Sonic proceeded to give Modern Sonic a beating the likes of which hasn’t been seen Tails admitted he’d used the last of Knuckles aftershave. Currently Sonic El Classico is at (as near as makes no difference) 10,000 votes whilst Hedgermahog Moderne has only polled a quarter of that number. Seriously was this ever in doubt? People will always tend to prefer the original over the modern, or more specifically what they came to admire first. So it begs a question from us fans in return, SEGA must’ve surely known this’d happen, especially when you consider the Facebook audience age is mostly the 20+. So did they ask for the sake of asking, or was their some other motive? Only time will tell I guess.

Personally we were looking for the “Sonic Is Sonic” option. Image courtesy of Ryan Brown.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    I saw the poll but didn’t vote for two reasons. Reason one being that I actually like both classic and modern Sonic and this should really appease both fan sides really.

    Second reason being that polls on Facebook are crap.

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    People will always choose what they grew up with, which for most of the older Sonic fans will be classic Sonic, so this doesn’t surprise me.
    I’m personally staying away from the fanbase for the next few months, there’s much drama to be had 😛

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    I prefer the Modern Sonic.
    Just my opinion but doesn’t modern Sonic look more like the Sonic 3 sprite than the classic?
    When I see the classic sonic it makes me think of Sonic 1 sprites but the modern sonic closely resembles Sonic 2 and up sprites more because of its slick speedy design.

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    I have to agree. If it’s a blue hedgehog who wears red shoes, loves chilli dogs and blasts everywhere at over 700 mph then it’s Sonic. Height, eye colour and roundness don’t make them 2 seperate characters if their both the same person.

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    I like the modern one. His new voice actor for Colors is pretty cool too.

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