SEGA Are Involved In A Doctor Who Game, Errrr… SURPRISE!

Now forgive me for being questioning but at what point have SEGA mentioned anything about a Dr. Who game. I mean EVER? I mean I know our friends at SUMO Digital were involved in one after their involvement in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing but SEGA weren’t involved.

WELLLLL apparently with them purchasing Three Rings, who work on SEGA’s Spiral Knights game, they also picked up this which Three Rings were working on – however SEGA neglected to mention this fact so now that they’ve suddenly gifted us with an update on the game complete with screens, wallpapers and a behind the scenes trailer for the game entitled Dr. Who: Worlds In Time funnily enough a lot of people went “bwah?”

I guess they left the Chameleon Circuits on during the announcement?

Here’s the video showing off the game which looks a little bit like a Castle Crashers Vs Doctor Who in terms of visuals.

And you can find a variety of screens and posters usable as wallpapers by clicking on the image below.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

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