S&ASR: Transformed Races Into New ONM Issue

If you’re waiting to find out how SEGA’s latest game is shaping up, then you can do no worse than picking up the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine. Alongside information about everyone’s favourite puzzle-solving professor and the new zombie Wii U game, Sonic & All-Star Racing: Transformed gets a huge preview feature that covers a total of 5 pages.

As is natural in a Nintendo magazine, comparisons to Mario Kart is unavoidable. But rather than making it a hinderance, they are using it as an advantage to differentiate it from that series in a very positive way. Rather than making a clone game, the preview goes into detail about the unique things that are making it one of their games to watch on the Wii U (alongside other platforms).

Some new console-specific info was also mentioned too, such as the Wii U GamePad being used for special mini-games (one example being that the pad is used to control a ball by tilting it, Super Monkey Ball style). The preview also has an interview with a certain Steve Lycett, detailing a variety of questions regarding the complications of making the game for the new console (and why Gilius was chosen to represent Golden Axe in the game).

Sonic & All Star Racing: Transformed is released on multiple platforms later this year. Issue 86 of ONM is out now, priced at £4.50 (the main cover featuring Zombi U if you want further reference).

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    I am just wondering what the Wii U Limited Edition version of the game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will have as the versions that have got Metal Sonic are the PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

    I would like to know the Wii U version will have Metal Sonic as well.

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