Rolling SW Updates: 26 November 2011

Alright – its that time again. We’ve a few new additions from Colours and from SEGA Superstars Tennis with much more to come over the course of today. Keep checking back!

Updates today:

Official Art – Badniks

Sonic Colours – Orbot
Sonic Colours – Cubot
Sonic Colours – Motobug/Motora
Sonic Generations – Time Eater

Official Art – Misc

SEGA Superstars Tennis – AiAi ONM Render
SEGA Superstars Tennis – Amigo ONM Render
SEGA Superstars Tennis – Beat ONM Render
SEGA Superstars Tennis – Ulala ONM Render
Mario & Sonic Beijing – Daisy Render

YouTube Uploads:

Sonic Generations – Cutscene 7b: “Restoring The World (Modern Version)”

Additional unreported updates from two days ago:

Sonic Colours – Frenzy Sonic Effect Render
Sonic Colours – Void Sonic Effect Render

Kevin Eva

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