Rise Of Nightmares Demo Out Now On XBL

A demo version of Sega’s hit game Rise Of Nightmares is now available on Xbox Live. The game puts you in the shoes of someone named Josh, and as you try to save his wife Kate you’ll encounter lots of horrifying scenes throughout the game. While making usage of the Kinect accessory, this game will no doubt scare the hell out of you. The demo is exclusively available to those who possess a Xbox Live Gold subscription, and is completely free.

Can you fight through hordes of the undead? Can you tear them apart with chainsaws, axes and your bare fists? Can you rescue your wife from the clutches of an evil madman and escape his nightmarish plans for you both? In this exclusive demo, survive one hellish night as you fight against terrifying enemies using the hands-free controls of Microsoft Kinect.

[Source: Xbox Live Marketplace]


Author: Kjeldo

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