RadioSEGA Unleashing 24 Hour SEGATHON For Charity

The folks over at Radio SEGA are preparing something big… and I mean REALLY big.

On this very Saturday, beginning at 10PM (UK Time), Gavvie shall embark on a 24 hour-long, completely uninterrupted Radio SEGA show. But why do this? Simple-the show will be in support of the annual British charity appeal Children in Need. As such, the name of the game here is donations-so far, £20 has been raised for the cause, and that amount can only grow.

So, what will happen during the event? Well, the music choice will be made up of some great SEGA music, and if a certain, as of yet undecided milestone is reached in terms of donations, Gavvie will dedicate half an hour of the show to non-stop Hatsune Miku. Also assisting Gavvie will be numerous guest hosts and there will even be some giveaways involved – Urtheart of Sonic Wrecks and Emerald Coast fame will be will be giving away sketches in return for donations to the fund!

So, why not give a bit of spare change and add some money to the cause? If the answer is yes, then head on over to the SEGATHON JustGiving page and hit that shiny donate button. I know I’ll be setting a bit aside for this event!

Via RadioSEGA .

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