PrototypeRaptor Brings Us Some Chaos Nightmares

Open Your Heart, probably, next to Live and Learn, one of the most notable Crush 40 tracks ever released, and also one that has seen notable re-releases over it’s lifespan and introduction since Sonic Adventure first graced our Dreamcast consoles.

And thusly, PrototypeRaptor graces us with his Pendulum-esque remix of Open Your Heart, with a track called Chaos Nightmares. It’s a very strong remix as it were, and holds very strong ties to the original material, as well as the musical stylings that Pendulum are known for. I encourage everyone to give it a listen, even if it’s not your thing, it’s a very good track, and I personally have had it on repeat for a good few hours.

You can check out the Overclocked Remix page on Chaos Nightmares, as well as check out some of PrototypeRaptor’s other remixes in the links.

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