Project X Zone Unveils New Trailer

Ever wondered how the latest collaborative effort between SEGA, Namco and Capcom is going? Well, in this latest trailer, it shows off just how this game is looking already. And it is looking incredible.

In a 10 minute demo trailer on Youtube, you can see how the combat works, which characters are in the game thus far and other randomness. The text is in Japanese, so the storyline remains a bit of a mystery unless you are fluent in it. Regardless, it is a fantastic way to see how this game is developing, as well as showing off how exactly this strategy RPG will play out.

The game will be released in Japan on the 11th October. International release dates have yet to be confirmed

[Thanks to Nintendo Life and Radio SEGA for the original news story]

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    Why can’t some of these familiar Sega characters be in the Sonic & Sega series. Such a beautiful trailer.

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