One Hour Sonic Watch – 30/01/12

As we covered last week, the first competition in the One Hour Sonic group has started.

OHS Competition Month – Act 01 Poster ‘Promo’ by *ElsonWong on deviantART

There has been a PHENOMENAL amount of entrants, and some of the entries themselves are just absolutely outstanding. I look forward to seeing even more as the competition continues.

As for the general gallery, well, there has been amazing entries as well, my personal favourites from the week past, you can find below:

OneHourSonic 003 by ~LunarMew on deviantART

O.H.S. – Fleetway Super Sonic by *ShinaiShadow on deviantART

One Hour Sonic: Big the Cat by *SunnyJingles91 on deviantART

As always, Darkspeeds has been a busy boy, and you can see his latest 1HS submission video below, this one, based on Scourge. Hail to the king, baby.

This week though, I’m bringing you BlazeCake’s latest video on Silver the Hedgehog as well.

There are some great techniques used by both Darkspeeds and BlazeCake in these videos, and some that they implement in each other’s styles. Again, looking forward to see what they bring us in the future.

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