One Hour Sonic Watch – 20/02/2012

In the last week, once again, we’ve seen some amazing entries into the One Hour Sonic group. We’ve had entries from all over the Sonicsphere varying from all sorts of characters and poses. It truly is amazing to see what so many different artists can come up with in the space of an hour!

Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong has given us Weekly Feature 004. Which focuses on some of the most AMAZING entries as well as a SECOND focus on some of Knelson‘s entries. You can read the whole article here.

As usual, you can check my personal picks from the week gone by below.

OneHourSonic 004 by ~LunarMew on deviantART

One Hour Sonic- Super Sonic by *CatbeeCache on deviantART

One Hour Sonic: Jet’s revelation by =Helen91 on deviantART

I really am a fan of this Jet piece this week. so much so, that I’ve got the speedart drawing video for you below to view. Enjoy!

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