One Hour Sonic Watch – 13/02/12

Few major updates in the form of the One Hour Sonic group this week, the first is the 3rd weekly feature. Which went up as I was typing last week’s round up and I didn’t update in time. D’oh. But you can read it in all it’s glory here.

Secondly, the first group competition has closed AND finished. Lots of entries, stunning and really hard to choose votes for in the specific tiers and in the finals. You can read the group announcement here, but you can also see the winning entries embeded below.

OHSCM01: Silver by *EvanStanley on deviantART

OHSCM01: It’s No Use! by *ladygt93 on deviantART

OHSCM01 : Silver the Hedgehog by *ShinaiShadow on deviantART

OHSCM01 – Silva by *R-no71 on deviantART
Lastly, but certainly not least, another video from the One Hour Sonic group, this time on one of my favourite choices from previous weeks. Enjoy!

Titans Creed

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