OCTOBER-WRECKS FINALE! – October-Wrecks The Musical

It’s the FINAL day of October-Wrecks week, so it’s only fitting that we go out with a bang.

Or in this case, several.

Joined by VizardJeffhog and Sonic Wrecks admin AAUK, I’m challenged to take on Sonic – Before The Sequel’s BOSS RUSH mode! What I wasn’t told before accepting this was that there was a special boss that wasn’t in the main game, so this is gonna be all kinds of hilarious.

Adding to the hilarity is VJH’s singing and announcer voice as well as AAUK’s “facts” about the game, since he’s never played it before.

Don’t forget, this may be the end of October-Wrecks week, but OctoberFest continues all month long on my YouTube channel, starting with a sneaky peak at next week’s theme at the end of the video!

Thanks to everyone who came and watched the videos, the Twitch streams and all my guests who cheered me on over Skype. I hope I’ve managed to provide you all with some entertainment over the last seven days!


Author: Max Firestorm

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