Now Known From M.E – Knuckles Figure Revealed by First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures have confirmed what we suspsected for a while, their next figure joining Sonic, Super Sonic and Metal Sonic will be the one and only Knuckles The Echidna!

The part-reveal, via their Facebook page of the fourth in their Classic Sonic’s line was mostly met with excitement, although a couple of individuals took issue to Knuckles nose and mouth – claims F4F’s representative were keen to clarify: “I know you cant see it from that angle, but from the side, he definitely has a more pointy nose compared to Sonic. Much shorter too.”

As for his mouth I think personally this is just the shading combined with the fact that he’s obviouslty baring his teeth in a typical Knuckles growl or snarl.

Pre-Orders will begin on Tuesday October 11th only on, I just hope the guys don’t forget that I wanted one of them! 🙂

Kevin Eva

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