Nintendo 3DS Special Edition Of Transformed Revealed By GAME Spain

The surviving Spanish branch of retailer GAME has revealed there will indeed be a limited edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the Nintendo 3DS – at least in Spain.

The recovering retailer which was battered by publishers at the beginning of the year listed the edition on its website several hours ago. Whilst not officially listed on SEGA previous correspondence, Steve Lycett – Producer of the title – had indicated such an edition is coming.


It should be noted however that this is not a confirmation other SOE territories or American ones are to receive such an edition, previously Spain (as well as Australia) has often been the recipient of deals and other items of merchandise not available elsewhere. Sonic fans will remember the Sonic Classic Collection tin edition for one, It will be interesting, especially baring in mind the closure of SEGA Spain, if this trend will continue. GAME does state the 3DS version will feature the same bonus content as the console versions: Metal Sonic and OutRun Bay.

We await further developments.

[With Thanks To: Sonic Paradise]

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