New Super Monkey Ball Coming For PS Vita!

If you just can’t get enough of Ai-ai and his monkey pals then I have good news for you, SEGA just announced a New Super Monkey Ball title for the PS Vita, scheduled for sometime in 2012. And you know what this means: this game will have integrated motion as well as touch screen controls.

But not only that, in order to squeeze Vita’s full potential, Super Monkey Ball will feature whole new levels and game play in crispy clear graphics, as well as some old favourite mini-games with a little tweak or two.

And if that isn’t cool enough, this game will also have Wi-Fi capabilities thanks to the Vita, which will allow players to challenge each other in fun multiplayer modes.

So expect the colourful world of Super Monkey Ball to return to you all soon, and just for some eye candy, I’ll leave you all with the teaser trailer.

This of course comes after it was leaked at the weekend when SEGA forgot to hide the images they pre-uploaded to their Flickr account. Whoops! Awkwardly brought forward release or planned time of announcement? Your guess is as good as ours.


Author: Suf

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