New Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Gamescom Trailer

An new gameplay trailer for ASRT has landed, showing off plenty of speedy action across all terrains, and some pretty epic reveals. Amongst these big reveals is that what appears to be an After Burner track, that shows you driving across battleships, and STARLIGHT CARNIVAL from Sonic Colours appearing as a track, showing you weaving in-between asteroids and of course driving down the giant pink roads from the original game.

OK, I think I’ve stopped hyperventilating over Starlight Carnival.

Also, despite Lycett claiming it was out, what could be a new Seaside Hill track has popped up, as you can see below:

So… are you excited for these new tracks? Did you enjoy the trailer? Tell us in the comments!

We’ll keep you updated with any future developments!

[Thanks to Woun, ElectroTH and Ash from Sonic Paradise for info]

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