New Sonic 20th Anniversary Avatar Items For Xbox Users

Us Sonic fans have loved to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary this year and of course celebrate all the awesome things he does as well, whether it’s wishing him a happy birthday via a video on YouTube, making an animation about him, or going to a convention especially made so we can be able to celebrate all the things to do with the awesome speedy blue hedgehog (you know what i’m talking about ;)).

Well if you have a Xbox 360, then your own Avatar can also celebrate Sonic’s 20th as well, thanks to SEGA you can now get two very, very sweet looking Sonic 20th Anniversary related items for your Avatar (a Sonic 20th Anniversary party hat and a Sonic 20th Anniversary birthday cake and balloons) but you have to be quick as these items are up for a limited time only.

Sonic 20th Party Hat (160 Microsoft Points)

Sonic 20th Birthday Cake & Balloons (400 Microsoft Points)

(Prices found on

So if you want to get your hands on these two fine looking items and make your Avatar look WAY PAST COOL!!!!! Then you only have a limited time of 2 weeks to collect them, before they disappear for good.

Looks like i’ve got something to buy when pay day comes around HOORAY!!!!!!

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