New OCRemix – Sonic & Knuckles “Funky Side Up”

Yes, we’ve some new remix fodder from OCR, this time its Death Egg Zone Act 1 that gets the reworking by the artist metaphist who recounts the following tale:

It’s been a long time since I subbed something. I dabbled in remixes all the while and nothing seemed to click, but fortunately the planets seemed to align for this one. It all started when I found out about Nerdapalooza in my hometown of Orlando FL, and couldn’t miss an opportunity to see the One Ups get down live. I had no idea that I would run into Mr. Larry Liontamer Oji himself at an OCR table there. I chatted with him and Level 99 (cool dude) for a while before he eventually asked me my name, and I must say that the enthusiasm and surprise that followed was something I honestly did not expect. Not only did he remember me and my submission despite the years, but had a lot of encouraging words and nothing short of a demand for more music. It was then settled – I would get off my ass and really make some music for OCR.

The events that followed were quite divine. Larry hooked me up with a hard copy of The Sound of Speed (amazing Sonic). I happened to stumble upon the chiptune album FM Funk Maddness (amazing funk). I happened to get the Death Egg theme stuck in my head (not so amazing, but quite coincidental). Then, the spirits of Larry, DJP, and Sebastian Shaw (NOT Hayden Christensen) appeared before me at a party with small furry creatures, and I then knew what must be done!

You can download it and find out more information here:

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