New OCRemix – Sonic 3D Blast Genesis “Rusty Fingers”

A smooth jam of rock and funk!

A new Sonic rearrangement has gone live through Overclocked Remix! This time around, Dr. Manhattan covers Tatsuyuki Maeda’s Rusty Ruin Zone from the Genesis version of Sonic 3D Blast! Smooth as silk around the beginning, but once that second half kicks in, you’re in for a treat!

Seems like we JUST posted Damon’s Sonic 3D Blast ReMix, but that was the SATURN version, and as VGM afficionados know, the GENESIS version is a different ballgame, by different (Japanese) composers. They’re BOTH good soundtracks, which makes it a peculiar case of seemingly unnecessary efforts, but the end result was more great VGM for everyone involved, plus the Genesis score is probably better-suited to the hardware. Dr. Manhattan expands his repertoire of excellent arrangements & varied source tunes with this rock jam that’s got heavier, hard-rockier bits but also some lighter-hearted passages more akin to funk. It’s a pretty conservative take, initially, but look to the latter bits for some excellent personalization in the form of some really fun drum fills and of course amazing work on lead guitar. One could almost get a little spoiled listening to all of Hugo’s mixes and start taking all that shredding & technique for granted – he’s got consistently impressive chops, with production to match. Great stuff, not much else to say!

Spoil yourself tonight by downloading the tune on the remix’s download page!


Author: VizardJeffhog

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