New Ltd Japanese Sonic T-Shirt, But Mayyy Have Slightly Rude Accessory

The Sonic20th Twitter account has revealed details about a brand new t-shirt exclusively for Union Creative International and will be limited in number. This limited time run may remind you of similar t-shirts for Uni-Qlo from a couple of years ago amongst others limited-time runs.

The t-shirt is available (we believe) from July 5th based on the tweet translation.

However whilst the t-shirt loks awesome (and we’d rather like one ourselves actually) take a good look at the CG model, not his face… more his waist.

Okay. Take a look closer at the belt buckle…


Does that say what we think it says?

Is it us or does this say the word ‘BULLSHIT’?


Kevin Eva

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    It does huh? That or it says Bush who is a pile of Bullshit to so that wouldn”t make any difference.

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