Needlemouse Character Countdown Day 4

Bad news folks, the forum extra point was NOT got by the community which has put a big dent in the hopes for the extra surprise promised by Ruby Eclipse (yeah, not me :P).

Todays blog from the pen of SOA and also available on the Blognik confirms that the questions today are hard and that answers will be taken via SEGA’s twitter. So get tweeting peeps!

It also confirmed the last of the fairer sex has been removed as Amy, Shade fans? Sorry they’re gone.

Project Needlemouse - Character Countdown Day 4

So there we go, Needlemouse info!

What – were you expecting a Wrecks comment on something else?

Kevin Eva

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    I’ve got a bad feeling that if Mr.Needlemouse is gonna be a playable character, it’s gonna be Silver The Hedgehog all over again. Promise us AAUK that they won’t ruin Mr.Needlemouse like they did Silver.

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    … It’s obvious now… Sonic’s the only character…

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