Miku Mondays – “Though A Song Is Formless”

This time on Miku Mondays we have a choice from me, “Uta ni Katachi ha Nai Keredo” originally compiled by Doriko as part of Project DIVA Extend. This is a lovely little reflective song about dreams and loss – one with more than a hint of melancholy.

Take a moment during this song to think about last week and how you can make this week better…

English lyrics courtesy of AnimeLyrics.com.

The faint crimson-painted petals of time
Flutters within the light
I should have smiled

The vivid days
Which we left this at
–The sand castle crumbles in the waves
The dream should end soon

If I wake up in this plain white world
I won’t grasp anything with the arm I’ll stretch out
The sky I looked up at gets closer to me
What did I just lose?

In the clear waves
Our shadows that reflect are blue and afar
That day I took knowledge of the world
That became the light

I will sing
I gave you a smile when you were crying
Even if by only a small degree
I want to be your helping hand

On that day I had burst into tears
You were like that to me

Here are the things that I forgot
All of which are the treasures you gave
These things that didn’t have any form
Won’t fade through time

In the clear waves
No matter how many times it vanishes
–The sand castle that I leave with you
In there, I will gather the light

I will sing
I gave you a smile when you were crying
An unreliable person I might be, but
I want to protect you

Far apart from me, to where you are
This light will go flap its wings across the sky
I want this song to reach you

The things I give you, are my everything
Even though these didn’t have any form
At the corner of your heart
I want to become a shining star

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