Miku Mon-Er, Thursday Pt 1: New Hatsune Miku Vita Footage!

As Snap used to put it, when not screaming like He-Man that they had the power; rhythm is a dancer.

Well it SEGA’s case it is also a singer, one we’ve become increasingly familiar with over the last couple of months here at Wrecks – the vocaloid talents of Hatsune Miku and friends.  We’ve been waiting with baited, well, most everything… for SEGA to announce the new Miku-related game and they now have.

Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva will be hitting Japan in 2013 and will be hitting the Vita after its successes on the PSP.  Miku will be joined by two new characters apparently too,so expect yet more tie-in merch for those characters.  Whilst both “Cat Food” and “World’s End Dance Hall” have been confirmed as new songs.

I can only assume the latter are REALLY big deals. :S

You can check out the Vita footage below.

The vocaloided “SEGA” chorus makes me smile a lot more than it should!

[Source: Anime News Network via Girl Gamers UK]


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