Massive Update… Tomorrow ^_^ (EDIT)

Yeah I know I’ve been slacking off, it’s more due to it being the end of the fiscal year which means SEGA have games coming out of their ears and as a result my work is something akin to someone getting trodden on repeatedly by an elephant wearing a tuxedo.

Good news is that I’ve spotted some items that I’ve been meaning to do, including a couple of fixed – and I’ve actually done them. So going up tomorrow we’ve got a NEW cast bio and three new additions to the Music section. What are these? You’ll find out tomorrow.

Also, verrrry soon there is to be a massive MASSIVE announcement that will affect each and every one of you. I can’t tell you about it right now, only to say that when you find out what it is you’ll be rather happy with me and if it doesn’t solidify me in Sonic The Hedgehog legend with you lot nothing will.

Yup – it’s that big.

EDIT: Also – FANTASTIC news from


Right, i’m at college right now using the computers here, hence why i’m online. I’m not supposed to be here so i better just drop this message quickly and duck out again.

Right – we now have our own place. A nice little flat/apartment in the same area we were currently living in, which is good. We went almost a week without having a place to live and things were real f*!*ing tough but we pretty much got that ideal home that i told Jof about. Good times, man. Good times. Our place is pimp! XD

Only problem is, we have no net access right now since our stuff is being moved between properties. We should have net access from our new home within the next week or two. We have a LOT to tell you guys.

Shout out to Salem who keeps calling at the times of day where nobody is at a phone, lol XD. Shout out to Jof for updating you all and dropping me a text message. Shout out to Purg for calling me even though i wasn’t able to answer, sorry bruv.

And a massive thank you to all you guys for putting words of support. You guys are all lovely..

Right, i have to go.
When we come back, more of the usual craziness from me and the wifey. Until then, keep things bless and take care.

DiGi </i>

Kevin Eva

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