Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games CONFIRMED! SERIOUSLY!

At 2pm UK time this very day, AAUK was pleased to announce that Mario & Sonic will be facing off again, this time at Vancouver, Canada in Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games.

He was later said to be “so bloody tired” and that he hated YouTube immensely for pissing him around with the M&S Trailer.

Coming to both Nintendo Wii and DS it is once again being developed by SEGA with the guidance of the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto and you really don’t need me to list his credits do you now? Players once again will journey to realistic venues to be used at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to take their favourite Mario/Sonic character and do battle in events such as alpine skiing and speed skating, with more events to be revealed in time as well as – and I’m sure our friends at Nintendo won’t mind me borrowing this term, ahem – Warning! New challengers approaching!

Who? What? From where? Let the rumour mill commence!

As before, the Wii and DS versions will feature different controls, features and game modes making both games very different – the Wii version in particular has something of an extra treat as you’ll be able to experience an even richer multi-player experience including co-operative gameplay. And for all those who on the forums fantacised about an M&S Winter game using the Wii balance board… wish granted! You’ll be able to use that particular gizmo for even more realistic play.

Teaser Trailer:

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