MAGFest X and the ‘SONIC’ Fan Film Panel

At MAGFest X recently, Eddie Lebron and Blue Core Studios held a panel talking about the progressive work and taking question on their SONIC fan film project.

There is some interesting information in the video, like the project’s release date of late May. But, unfortunately, there is some footage that is present only for the event, which no doubt we will see down the line en route to the project’s release.

As a reminder of the fan film project, you can view the first two teaser trailers below:

You can also view a post containing an interview with Eddie Lebron that Tall-Guy made back from January 4th.

Thanks go to Find the Computer Room for finding and sharing the video.

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    Just what we needed. A Sonic Unleashed adaptation. 😛

    Why is he revealing Sonic the Werehog before the real Sonic?

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