Level-5 Responds to SEGA Of Japan Lawsuit

In case you didn’t see it here, SEGA of Japan recently issued a lawsuit against Professor Layton creators Level-5 over 2 alleged pieces of patent infringement in their Inazuma Eleven series. Suffice to say, Level-5 aren’t taking this lying down. They released their own statement over the case, which reads as follows:

Inazuma Eleven does not violate Sega’s patents. As a result of examining these discrepancies, we’ve concluded that there is no patent violation. While Inazuma Eleven does not violate Sega’s patent, we do recognize that Sega’s lawsuit could restrict choices in gaming from here on out as well as hindering the growth of the game industry.

The case, in which SOJ are seeking 900 million Yen (11 million dollars) doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses.

T.A Black

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