Latest Sonic OCRemix Goes Metal – And It’s Doomsday Zone!

We’re a little bit late on the draw on this, mainly because of playing Transformed, let’s be honest.  However its been a while since we’ve had a Sonic & Knuckles remix from the folks at OCR and this one is a corker.

It’s called “Doomsday” which should be enough to get you excited – yes, it is indeed a remix of Doomsday Zone. This one is done by elzfernomusic, who previously did a remix of Castlevania: Bloodlines – kind of a leap to classic hedgehogs and echidnas you might think?

Well strap yourself in because this is a great metal remix that comes across as both familiar and refreshing. TAke a few minutes and have a listen.

For more details about the history of development check out Overclocked Remix’s page on the matter.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    Oh wow, instant download. Could rock out to this all day!

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