Latest OCR Release Is A Trip To Chemical Plant

Our friends at Overclocked Remix have been busy recently, what with the Zelda album, supporting things like Skyrim and who represented at the London Gaming Con last weekend and were apparently handing out physical copies of Sonic 1 remix album Sound of Speed – a bit of a kick in the teeth for me since I was upset I missed their panel as it was.

However there is a new general release out from remixer Anti-Syne that takes on Sonic 2’s Chemical Plant Zone. Anti-Syne is actually more used to Final Fantasy remixes and has taken Chemical Plant into a slightly electronica style, there’s even something like a chiptune-dubstep segement half way through which is rather slick.

He said the following about the remix on OCR itself:

“So this ReMix was a bit of a wonderful accident. It started life as an original track, until whilst playing round with it I accidentally played those first two chords of Chemical Plant ZoneOut of curiosity I played the Chemical melody into my original and it just seemed to work. This is my first ReMix to really offer a major tonality change from the source, and I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. Out of interest it’s called ‘Chemical Blip’ not in reference to the blippy, glitchy part, but in reference to a little blip sound that I couldn’t seem to stop in early versions of this ReMix, blip is now gone, but hopefully not forgotten. Enjoy!””


Download it here.

Kevin Eva

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