Kuta STH Fan Film: New Trailer

It seems as of yesterday (21/2/11) there was a new trailer released on YouTube, for the Richard Kuta Animated Sonic Fan Film, this trailer features a scene called “The Advent of Metal” where Sonic is confronted by Metal Sonic.

And well… It just doesn’t live up to the hype it was given…

Some weird colouration, poor animation and a let down in the VA department is what you’ll see in this one minute video, but despite it’s flaws it’s still better than what I could do, which is nothing or stick drawings.

You can view it below:


Author: Dusk

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  1. Avatar

    I can see what you mean, Blake. The animation’s a little lazy (partly tweened? Why can’t you just animate those bits normally?), the voices don’t match the characters (and the voice actors themselves can’t act), ans the set actually has me confused. Is that a stand-in set for this sequence? Where are we?

    And with the scene snipped out of context like that, the dramatic cuts between the characters and the music don’t leave me tense. They leave me thinking ‘melodrama’.

    But really, Kuta received a cease-and-desist on making a Sonic film a while back. I’m assuming it’s this one, in which case why has he just suddenly been allowed to continue?

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  2. Avatar

    Jeez, it is kind of disappointing.
    But at least it’s a Sonic fan film ^^ it doesn’t have to be Oscar worthy

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  3. Avatar

    “It’s about to get messy in there.”
    Yup. Sums up this trailer perfectly. 😛

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  4. Tall-Guy91

    To be completed?
    Answer: HELL NO!!!!!!
    Whoever was the VA for Sonic can not do his voice very well, Tails’s voice was meh not very good, Bunnie’s voice…..just no and Sally’s…..um ok fair enough but the whole animation didn’t look very good at all but as what Bee said it’s a Sonic Fan Film, it can either be really good, or really, really bad but it’s not the end of the world.

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