“Jun Senoue – The Works” – Track Listings Revealed

Jun Senoue’s official site has revealed the track listing for this upcoming best of. It doesn’t have much in the way of Sonic on it, which I actually find somewhat refreshing. The JS VS LB version of Dreams of an Absolution is on it (slightly confusing as even though JS did the lead guitar, LB actually did the remix) and the highly underrated Westopolis.

One new track is a collaboration with Ted “Hey Big Guy…” Poley whilst another track “After The Adventure” is a very rare Sonic Adventure/NiGHTS track.

Jun Senoue - The Works

Full track listings are below.

01. The Star Spangled Banner
02. The American Dream feat. Eric Martin of MR.BIG
(Daytona USA Champion Circuit Edition / New Recording)
03. Sons Of Angels feat. Eric Martin of MR.BIG
(Daytona USA Champion Circuit Edition / New Recording)
04. Lift You Up!
(OutRun 2 SP / Short Edit ver.)
05. Batter Up! Feat. Eric Martin of MR.BIG
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2005)
06. Mr. Baseball feat. Eric Martin of MR.BIG
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2005)
07. Baseball Anthem feat. Terry Ilous or XYZ
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2009)
08. Road To Win feat. Ted Poley of DANGER DANGER
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2009)
09. Moon Shot!
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2009)
10. Afternoon Tea
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2005)
11. Dusk Of The Stadium
(Managing Baseball Team Game, 2005)
12. After The Adventure
(Radio DC, No dialogs)
13. Dreams Of An Absolution (LB vs JS Remix)
(Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Trax – Several Wills)
14. Westopolis
(Shadow The Hedgehog)
15. Cheerleaders A-Go-Go
(Space Channel 5 Part 2 Remix)
16. Where I Want To Be feat. Skye Sweetnam
(New Recording, Original music taken from JxJ EP)
17. Takoyaki Rock feat. Ted Poley of DANGER DANGER
(New Recording)
18. Ignition ‘98 …in the groove
(Sega Rally 2)
19. Soul On Desert
(Sega Rally 2)
20. Sega Rally Championship -J.S.Kickstart Remix ‘99-
(Sega Racing Best)
21. Burnout Running
(Burnout Running)
22. British Rain
(Managing J-League Football Club Game)
23. Chase The Wind
(Managing J-League Football Club Game)
24. My Own Destiny
(Managing J-League Football Club Game)

Catalog Number: WWCE-31211
Distribute by Avex Marketing
Release date: Oct.21, 2009
Price: 2500 JPY (Tax included)

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