Jet Set Radio Given Release Dates and Price Tags

Mark your calendars for a September/October release!

The SEGA Dreamcast classic has long been announced for a rerelease… now Jet Set Radio fans and fans-to-be may now rest in comfort as the first of release dates are finally made known via the SEGA Blog!

For the Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam versions, Jet Set Radio is jet-set-ready to go on September 19 for 800 Microsoft Points / $9.99!

PlayStation Network users gain access to the game on September 18 for $9.99, but PlayStation Plus users will gain a one week head start to Jet Set Radio on September 11! Lucky them, eh?

PlayStation Vita owners will be able to get handheld access to Jet Set Radio on October 16, tagged again for $9.99. No word yet on the planned iOS or Android releases!

Worldwide prices are to be given soon!

Slightly off-topic, but fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd… so I suppose it will still be initially released in the summer?


Author: VizardJeffhog

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