Jet Set Radio Contest Art That Didn’t Quite Get To Represent

Back in late February, when SEGA announced they were having an art contest for Jet Set Radio. Artists set into action in hopes to get recognition and a chance to have their graffiti put in-game.

Well, so did James “Valoredge” Grant, a SEGA/Sonic fan who did some amazing graffiti, that not only wasn’t put in-game, but didn’t even get posted onto the SEGA Flicker account. Meaning his entry probably wasn’t looked at, which is a big shame since I personally think they should’ve gotten a place on the game.

So, why not feature them here? With all the time and effort put into them, we think they deserve it!

For a larger look at these beauties click here.

If you like what you see, you should probably go check out his awesome web-comic Crazy Sunshine,which occasionally has little SEGA/Sonic Easter Eggs. Such as a Dreamcast 2 and well, I’ll leave you to find the rest…

But that’s not to say you should only go there for the cameos,Crazy Sunshine’s characters and comic shorts alone are very entertaining, and well worth checking out!

What do you think of James’ entries?


Author: Rabid Noodles

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  1. Tracker the Dog

    Oh you and your Crazy Sunshine loving antics. :3
    But anyhow, I agree-this is some awesome artwork! 😀

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