Is Sonic Adventure 2 Going To Get An E3 Announcement… Again?

Eagle eyes on TSS are reporting that XBLA man Major Nelson’s list of upcoming XBL items just happens to contain a listing down for Sonic Adventure 2 avatar items on June 5th.

E3 happens to begin on June 5th. I think you can do the math here people…

Other SEGA items have also been revealed/confirmed for XBox Live – starting tomorrow!

SEGA Vintage collection versions of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe will be out then at 800 points with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown releasing on June 6th at 1200 points and that will also be getting the Avatar item treatment the same day.

Dreamcast title SEGA Bass Fishing is down to be a Deal Of The Week title for the week June 5th-11th with 50% off its normal 800 MS points price, reduced to 400.

We patiently await further details about SA2!

Kevin Eva

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