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Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been quiet the last few days I’ve been off ill for a little while essentially having a four-day weekend. Admittedly half of that was me feeling like crap but some time away from hedgehog duty probably did me some good.

First up apologies, the migration is taking a long time, but then we’ve got a heck of a lot to transfer over and we’ve not even gotten to the videos section yet! There are some straggler files from the Depository Music section which have gone up today already and I’ve taken it upon myself to reupload the Radio Redux shows. They are litterally going up right now in reverse chronological order so the more recent shows will be available first and as of writing show 528 is available. Once those are up we’ll see about getting RR up to date.

A reminder that the Wrecks Factor IS open, please head over there if you want to enter this years competition for details. We already have our first entrant.

Main crux of the post was actually going to be this: Would you like to guess which game the most popular and highest rated Sonic 360 theme is from? If you guessed All-Stars Racing, then insert a claxon here. If you guessed Sonic Unleashed you too get a negative: It’s SONIC The Hedgehog (Sonic 06)!

As of this moment, the 31st most downloaded theme happens to be the “Sonic Memorial” one from the 2006 game whilst the highest rated Sonic theme is actually at #28 and is of all things the Dr. Eggman theme. Straaaaange isn’t it?! They are pretty cheap though at the moment so why not take the plunge, ignore its for Sonic 06 and go nab yourself some nice avatars and things. I’ve swapped my ASR theme back to my Shadow one, as a result all I think of is him pwning Silver.


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