Insert Coin Prepares New SEGA:Reloaded T-Shirt Range

Our good friends at Insert Coin have gone public with the designs for their upcoming new range of classic SEGA-based gaming wear.

Entitled “SEGA: Reloaded” the range consists of several of SEGA’s more iconic brands and having been approved are likely to hit the online store and be purchasable at industry events pretty as soon as May with pre-orders expected soon. These include replicas of Beat and Gum’s t-shirts from Jet Set Radio along with symbolic t-shirts representing Golden Axe, Shinobi and Streets Of Rage.

The most exciting one though must surely be the Shenmue-enspired Ryo Hazuki tiger t-shirt and hoodie, both mimicking the design of his famous leather jacket. I guess you could call the latter a “Hazuoodie”.

SHENMUE: “Hazuki Tiger”

JET SET RADIO: “Beat Tokyo-To”

JET SET RADIO: “Gum Tokyo-To”

SHINOBI: “Musashi Ninja Magic”

GOLDEN AXE: “Yuria Forever”

STREETS OF RAGE: “Axel Stone Dojo”


[Source: Insert Coin]

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    I’ll probably get both the JSR tees and the Shenmue one too. 🙂

    Although, as much as I love Streets of Rage, that design seems bland to me.

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    Actually, the Gum one looks to be for girls only. Shame, Gum’s a awesome character too. D: I’d wear it.

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