Insert Coin Reveals New SEGA & Sonic Items

Our friends at Insert Coin have announced new details regarding their new SEGA lines. These include a number of Sonic items from across the years and a pair of SEGA items too.

First joining the two pairs of priorly announced Street Fighter II ones is a pair of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 leggings. Additional designs include

A Green Hill Zone inspired blue t-shirt and power sneakers inspired red t-shirt as well as severeal character specific items. Hoodies for Knuckles and Shadow – yes a black Project Shadow hoodie with a red liner is now up for grabs and a very nifty Tails T-shirt which is the pick of the bunch in my opinion..


Curiously the pre-existing Jet Set Radio Beat T-shirt gets an update (or a Mark II as they are calling it) for All-Stars Racing Transformed with revised detail and additional rear design. Curiously its Gum counterpart doesn’t get this treatment.

Finally there’s to be a Space Channel 5 ladies vest… yes. I must admit to not being as impressed by that one, but what the heck!


[Via: Insert Coin Clothing]

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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