If This Was WordPress We’d Have Funny Tags For This Post…

…but it’s not so tough. Needless to say The Sonic Stadium is down again with database issues/appearing as a PSP version of itself; I think I’m gonna start calling them “Sicknote” at this rate.

This is all neither here or there to be honest, as I actually want to give you an update on the new version 6.0 which is rapidly taking shape. I’m thinking mid-February for this now, as I’ve really cracked on this week and got a tonne of stuff done. The front page infastructure is basically done minus some graphical tweaks and the staff who were “yeah, looks good” are now all “awwww that looks awesome.”

Blake Draco described it best as he called it “TSS’s hotter sister”. Damn straight. I’m super hot.

I’m gonna try and sort out the new comic this weekend though and look into commencing the renumbering of the comics… which will be interesting!

ALSO… Now that Emerald Coast has an RSS feed I’m able to keep track of their updates more easily and all I can say is Vger’s in for a whack around the knees with a rolled up newspaper at this rate! :laughing:

Kevin Eva

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