Hydrocity Zone Voted One Of The Worst Gaming Water Levels

At number nine, the dreaded countdown clock makes an appearance with Skies Of Arcadia also gets a nod…

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    Hydrocity Zone?
    I actually liked that level.

    there’s another Sonic water level i hated with a passion, and that was Sonic 1’s infamous Labyrinth Zone.
    god that was an annoying level…

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    Seriously? Have they not heard of Labyrinth? Because their complaints apply for that level a lot more than they do for Hydrocity. It’s definitely a faster paced level than Angel Island before it, especially when you get to Act 2 and the slides.

    Also, concerning Wind Waker, they did pretty much exactly what they mention in the last two games: the internet giving it an unnecessary bad rep.

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    HEY!!!! I love the Hydrocity Zone despite being rubbish at it!!!!!!!

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      Sonic 3 produced music that is awesome mixed with lady gaga and hydrocity rules

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    HA! Such BS~! They consider Hydrocity a bad water level??

    Must not have played Sonic 1 lately~~. >.>

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