Hellooo! – An Update On SW

Hiya you lot, quick reminder as I’m going to be getting ready to go home on Sunday I’m leaving the Radio Redux slot in the capable hands of Shadow Urtheart who will bring you an informed look at the industry plus some groovy music.

Ask him nicely, he might play the Kim Possible theme. :p

I’m feeling really refreshed from my holiday and frankly my break from the fanbase as they were doing my head in somewhat. I’m doing well as is my new fiancee Echo Hawk, even if she’s currently trying to get pen out of two of my shirts. Her dad is in the doghouse at the moment for leaving one in the washer.

Anyway Sonic Wrecks has been secured for another year in terms of the account and the domain name. It cost a LOT so if you do want to thumb me a few $’s or…. er… damn this yank keyboard doesn’t have a pound sign. Well if you do have the odd coinage amount you can spare please feel free to Paypal donate it to me!!!

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Kevin Eva

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