Having Issues Getting On TSSZ? Here’s The Story…

If you’ve been trying to read fellow SEGA-related website TSSZ today you may have been getting warnings from Google and other services. TSSZ have released a statement, which you can now find below:


This morning, Google bots flagged this website as distributing malware or badware. The website has therefore temporarily blacklisted us from site indexing. Other services such as bit.ly and Twitter referrals are also impacted, but Google is the only website identifying a malware problem with TSSZ. Norton and McAfee have cleared the website of having any issues.

A couple of you have written to us in the comments that your anti-virus software flagged the website for trouble over the weekend specifically, when our provider, Dreamhost, was having issues keeping the website online. If you can provide more specific details, we ask that you please send a news tip in so that it can be checked out.

We believe this site was flagged in error by Google. All backend software TSSZ uses to power the website is up to date, and the only ads we run are from Google’s own ad service and from other trusted sources–our merchant partners, Play Asia and CDJapan. The system has been in place for years, and Google’s own webmaster tools could not isolate the offending code they allege exists on the website. Furthermore, as any individual can report a website for containing badware, we have not ruled out the possibility that this was done with malicious intent.

It is my top priority to resolve this matter with Google as soon as possible, and I apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may be causing. Given how we were the subject of a malicious attack last year, be assured that TSSZ and its staff would never try to launch something similar on your machine. For now, if you continue to receive warnings that TSSZ was reported as an attack site via Firefox, Google Chrome, or other services, please add a security exception for this website while the matter is sorted.



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